PS16 Advice and Support

Positive Steps 16, PS16 for short, is the online application tool you use to apply for multiple colleges…….

In one place you can add all your personal information, search and favourite courses, apprenticeships, add your work experience and your personal statement to complete multiple applications. This section of the careers platform will provide hints and tips; how to’s and templates to be able to complete effective, purposeful applications.

Allow yourself to be proud of yourself and all the progress you’ve made especially the progress that no one else has seen

if you need help email:

What You Need To Do

Your are responsible for completing your applications. Log into PS16 at home as well as school . Simple steps:

  1. Keep your log in details in your phone. If you forget them you can click on forgot user name and password from the login section on PS16.
  2. Your aim is to turn the red crosses in your profile section to green ticks. There are some easy wins; check your personal details complete any section with a red * click save. Do the same for Parent/ carer details; Intended Destination and Ethnicity. Remember school will be uploading your predictions on the Qualifications section soon – do not add them yourself!
  3. Search and favourite courses; use the filter to type the subject or course you want to know about. Click on the course/ subjects that show after the search and read the course content and entry requirements. If you are going to meet the entry requirements add to your favourites by clicking the favourite bar.
  4. Complete the Work Experience section; work experience is not just formal opportunities they are any circumstances where you have used or developed employability and enterprise skills. Examples: Baby sitting/ Gardening/ If you are Young Carer. Please describe the type of tasks you did, the skills you applied e.g. ‘ I babysit for two younger children aged 2 and four. I encourage them through play activities to learn to share and keep active
  5. Create your personal statement; create your statement in a word document. Content wise no more than one side of A4. It is about quality not quantity. Use the templates in the ‘Tools to Help’ section. Add the headers in your word document, pick a section you find easiest and bullet point buzz words under the header, you can revisit later to build sentences and paragraphs. HINTS and TIPS: Ask those you share positive relationships with about how they would describe you. Use the career tools in the platform to get to know yourself better so you have a stronger language to use to write about yourself. Send your draft personal statement to your PS16 Mentor to check over.
  6. Complete draft applications- Ideally we would like you to have three applications minimum so you have choice and you can find out about a range of courses and places. We will send ‘How to’ email guidance to your school emails to help you with this process

PS16 Mentor and School Support

You have designated PS16 Mentor, who will:

Help and guide you to make sense of the PS16 process

Will check in on you regularly to see how you are getting on

Will support you to focus and become task directed with the process so you do not miss the deadline

Will proof read your personal statement and make suggestions for improvements if needed

Will complete your reference so you are able to complete applications

School support– Miss Colquhoun and Sam White, the Careers Team we will be monitoring and tracking your PS16 progress. We will get in touch if we need too. We will check all profiles and applications prior to approval. We will send PS16 Advice and Guidance in a Careers Bulletin to your school email to help you.

PS16 Application Flowchart- Keep it simple

Insert link to the flowchart PDF

This flowchart breaks down the process to make it simple for you to manage. Once we have approved your profile and applications you PS16 will be live and your applications will be sent to your chosen post 16 providers/ colleges. It offers 5 steps on how to manage your applications:

  1. PS16 What to do
  2. Direct Applications
  3. College contact
  4. Keep in touch
  5. Next Steps

It is SO IMPORTANT that you log on to your PS16 daily, even more so once your applications are live. Colleges will communicate with you using the message tool about their recruitment and selection process.

Those of you seeking an apprenticeship we will offer additional work ready support once the the PS16 deadline has been completed. You can use PS16 to search the learning side of apprenticeships. You can apply to various providers but be mindful this is not securing you a full apprenticeship with an employer. You might be registering with their Apprenticeship programme and the qualification side of the apprenticeship. You may well need to secure the employer yourself. We will help you make sense of this.

Tools to Help

Click here to download the Personal statement writing PP slides and templates or go on to RMUnify, login and go to the Modules > Y11 folder on the Student Area.

Use the Personal Statement power point to break down the process. Writing about yourself in a positive way is not easy. It is okay to do it in stages.

Use the templates so you know what to include and the kind of language you need to use. Check your spelling and grammar.

Starting today I need to forget what has gone on , appreciate what remains and look forward to what is coming next

Things that will influence your success in post 16

Attendance Matters

We have to put your Year 10 & Year 11 attendance percentage in your reference.This is the ideal way to showcase that you will turn up consistently, make sure you write this as an achievement in your personal statement if you have 96% and above.

Time Management Matters

Be punctual every day turning up is one things being on time or early makes it so much better.

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